Virtual Onboarding- Navigating Internal Growth During Covid-19

At Wyse, we understand the excitement, the nerves, the stress, and the desire to learn and perform associated with starting a new job. We also understand that this is only amplified when starting a new position amidst a global pandemic. Nevertheless, businesses must persevere, and the hard-working members of our society must continue to secure steady employment. It IS possible to continue to foster growth during COVID-19 for vital industries and businesses, it just requires a slight shift in processes and a willingness to adapt. 

Here at Wyse, we have onboarded three new team members during the pandemic, including an executive, a manager and a salesperson. Despite their varying levels of responsibilities, we have found similar learnings from their experiences.

Here are five important virtual-onboarding takeaways that may translate to your business:


Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Try and adhere to your successful processes as best you can. You know how to onboard people, so continue to do so. Not everything will work virtually but stick to the plan as best you can. Don’t feel you have to reinvent the whole thing. For example, it is important to us that our new hires meet with all department heads to learn about the business from every corner. We stuck to that plan, only instead of in person, it is virtually.


Work and wellness checks.

This is a challenging situation for us all. Not only are you trying to get to know a new employee, but they are trying to get to know everyone in your office, plus get a feel for the job and the culture. Check in with new hires every day for a few weeks. Schedule a daily video chat to help them feel like part of the team and give them the opportunity to ask questions or share any issues.


Consider a mentor.

When onboarding a new employee, virtually, assigning a peer as a mentor will be a big help to the new team member navigate the culture and ramp up more quickly.


Bring them in quickly.

It is easy to get lost in a virtual meeting – look for an opportunity to incorporate new team members into the meeting quickly. Make them feel welcome while getting the team members used to their voice and presence.


Embrace the informal.

We don’t realize how much energy gets generated or how many ideas develop from those informal interactions that occur throughout the day by popping into someone’s office, hanging out over a quick coffee, or even arriving a few minutes early to a meeting. Try and create opportunities for those moments virtually. Have the Zoom host arrive 15 minutes early to allow for pre-meeting informal chatter, send a couple of positive notes via instant messaging platform throughout the day, or offer monthly virtual pop-in team building events suggested by employees. 



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