Helping Your Internal Team Navigate the New Normal

For businesses who have formerly operated with a heavy emphasis on teamwork, collaboration and face to face interaction, navigating COVID-19 has likely required a few quick adaptations and an added emphasis on facilitating interaction amongst team members. With people suddenly isolated from not only their colleagues but friends and family as well, it is equally as important to ramp up efforts to boost the morale and mental well-being of your internal team. 


At Wyse, we have always placed internal culture and employee well-being at the peak of our priorities, and these efforts have been amplified amidst the pandemic. Here are some of the mental-health and well-being initiatives we have taken to ensure our team feels supported during these unprecedented times. 


Mental Health Webinars

Our HR team sends webinars out from professionals in the Mental Health field to our internal team. 


Monthly Virtual Yoga/Pilates Classes

We collaborate with a Pilates or Yoga instructor monthly to offer our employees a chance to move and find their Zen together, virtually! 


EAP Resources 

We have ensured that our team has access to all information and resources they need regarding Employee Assistance Programs. We also have 24/7 EAP provider counsellors on call for employees. 


Mindfulness Workshop

We hosted a virtual Mindfulness workshop for our team with trained professional to help our team practice mindfulness in staying positive and on track. 

Change Management Workshop

We provided a workshop for staff on how to manage the transition to the new normal, and tips on coping with change 


Weekly Individual Employee Check-Ins

Managers are scheduling weekly personal check-ins with every employee. This allows each team member to have a one on one discussion with HR and feel valued and heard. 


These efforts have shown positive results and served to highlight our amazing team’s dedication and resiliency. The new reality of the work environment doesn’t have to by synonymous with loss of productivity or internal culture, we just need to make a point to support one another through the transition. We will continue to expand our efforts and provide resources to support our hard-working team. 

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