250,000 Meter Points- And Counting.

This month, Wyse joined the QUARTER MILLION CLUB, marking the confirmation of our 250,000th meter point under contract from coast-to-coast.


We take pride in knowing our customers’ conservation efforts push Canada towards a more sustainable future. Their climate action has a daily and direct impact on the world around them. 


Our company has grown alongside Canada since we installed our first meters in 2006. 


In the same 14-year period, Canada has added nearly five million people – a million of those in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) alone. More than 37 million people call Canada home today.[1]


But that number will be outdated – quickly. By 2030, Canada is expected to add another 10 million people.[2] A million of those will push the GTA’s population to over eight million.[3]


That growth will bring a lot of change in a decade.


While the COVID-19 pandemic has virtually halted immigration in the short term, nearly 90% of our future growth will be from immigration, as Canada’s stable political environment, strong educational and healthcare systems, and innovative economy draws the best and brightest from around the world.[4]


More than 9-in-10 Canadians will be living in cities and suburbs.[5]


What does all this growth and change mean?


For Canada, this means we need to promote the development of future-focused housing that meets the needs of tomorrow’s residents while balancing this need with environmental sustainability. Submetering is and will continue to be a key part of that effort.


For the Wyse team, this growth means the next 250,000-meter points under contract will come more swiftly and we are taking steps to ensure that we are ready. 


Submetering continues to evolve to meet the needs of our country’s future. Already in place are a number of Wyse signature programs tailormade for owners/developers and residents of tomorrow’s buildings, including:


Wyse Renovation-Water Submeter Program introduces water meters and a full billing program as part of a suite’s renovation on turnover. New residents no longer have to pay for their neighbour’s in-suite wasteful water usage. In a non-metered building, water represents 90% of the bulk bill.[6] This kind of program makes a material environmental difference.


Wyse-Bondi Heat Pump-Submeter Program lets owners decarbonize their building’s infrastructure while saving up to 65% in costs compared to electric heating and up to 50% in energy use savings compared to gas heating.[7]


Wyse EV Charger-Submeter Program supplies and installs electric vehicle (EV) chargers within new construction and retrofits. Save residents money by billing by-the-kWh at their own parking space instead of by-the-hour. A change will cost the same no matter how long it takes.


We will be launching even more programs in the near future as we work with our clients to create superior living experiences within sustainable buildings.


While 500,000-meter points under contract are visible in the distant horizon, it is important to pause and acknowledge that our journey is about more than numbers. These moments are reminders to celebrate the energy of our team, the trust of our partners, the commitment of residents, and the strength of our communities.


Too all, we say ‘THANK YOU’ for getting us to where we are – and embracing where we are going.


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